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Divine Fallorina


      “When life gets difficult when the task becomes tiring when you are about to give up always remember that “the snail got to Noah’s ark inch by inch to survive” Tell me who your'e friends are and I tell you who you are as the saying goes...because birds of the same feather flock together..haha..=) well as far as I know myself.. I am juz an ordinary girl, but lucky to have a special home and a life that I couldn't ask for more... My H.S friends told me that i always move in a slow motion, having another world and mostly my not so good handwriting but what i love about is that they accepted me for who I am... for now i am taking up college and having a lot of friends compared in H.S its a big world i thought.. I am a health concious .. I am avid fan of k pop. everything korean in terms of fashion, drama, style, schooling, and most of all their Healthy Clean Living.. I love Ice creams..(but in some time they caused me guilt) I love NATURE and I am hoping That someday I will Become environmentalist, I am also animal lover but for now in domestic animals only.. well its just because I don't have enough information about them. I love Healthy Foods I love new gadgets(technology)

      Professional experience

      OJT Trainee

      WIN Radio

      May 2011