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don-E Merson

  • Sr. Software Developer-Architect
  • University of Arizona

    Research interests

    Knowledge RepresentationDataStructuresInformation Science


    I am a programmer with over a quarter of a century of experience in software development. In another life, I was a professional musician and still play around the Tucson area on occasion. I am also an author who has a current book of poetry available currently on Amazon and another book about software development coming soon. I had degrees in Music, Secondary Education and Social Science (Political Science, Geography, Sociology, History, Anthropology, Economics). I am current in the School of Information at the University of Arizona working towards my MA in Information while I continue to work full time. My current academic interests include Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Knowledge Representation. I also have interests in economics,cognitive science,evolutionary biology, and recreational mathematics. In my day job, I am the architect of the award winning web application suite Scholarship Universe ( which was recently licensed out to a private company.


    Professional experience

    Sr. Software Developer-Architect

    University of Arizona

    September 2009 - Present


    Social Science BS

    Towson University

    January 1989 - July 1990(2 years)

    Music and Secondary Education

    Montgomery College

    September 1984 - May 1988(4 years)

    University of Arizona