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Don Ranney

  • American Board of Disability Analysts


    I am a British-trained orthopedic surgeon and began my career performing reconstructive surgery on leprosy patients in south India. After training 5 surgeons, performing a vast number of operations, devising two new operations, and writing 14 scientific papers that would be published in peer-reviewed journals, I returned to my native country, Canada, to become Associate Professor in the Department of Kinesiology. There I established the School of Anatomy at the University of Waterloo (Waterloo, Ontario, Canada) and published more than 100 additional papers as well as several books. After my early retirement in 1964 I transformed my sports medicine clinic into a corporation where I perform orthopedic assessments on motor vehicle accident clients at the request of lawyers and insurance companies. I continue to do research in chronic pain and as a hobby recently began writing novels. My current levels of expertise comprise work-related trauma and chronic pain.

    Professional experience

    Associate Professor

    Faculty of Applied health Sciences, University of Waterloo

    August 1976 - June 1996(20 years)


    Senior Analyst and Diplomate

    American Board of Disability Analysts

    September 1998 - Present

    Diploma in Educational Television Production

    The Banff School of Fine Arts

    September 1985 - December 1985(3 months)

    Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons

    Royal College of Surgeons, England

    February 1962 - November 1967(6 years)


    Department of Medicine, University of Toronto

    September 1951 - June 1958(7 years)

    BA (Anthropology)

    Victoria College, University of Toronto

    September 1951 - June 1954(3 years)