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Dr Jai N Gupta

  • Electrical Engineer and Business Executive


    The current director of the Jai N Gupta Family Foundation, Dr. Jai N Gupta holds a master of science in administration from George Washington University in Washington, DC. Trained as an electrical engineer, he also holds a bachelor of science from the Indian Institute of Technology in Delhi; a master of science from Queen’s University in Kingston, Canada; and a doctorate from Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana. After embarking on his engineering career as an electric circuit designer for International Scanning Devices and a project leader at the MITRE Corporation, Dr. Gupta went into business for himself as the founder and president of EER Systems. Over his 22 years with EER, he oversaw the design, creation, and launch of a commercial rocket and pioneered a variety of night-vision and voice-recognition technologies. After L-3 Communications Holdings acquired EER in 2001, Dr. Jai N Gupta served a four-year tenure as president of the company’s Government Services Group.