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Dr. Lewis Teperman

  • MD
  • Director of Transplant Surgery
  • New York University School of Medicine


    Dr. Lewis Teperman serves primarily as the Director of Transplantation and Vice-Chair of Surgery with the NYU School of Medicine. A top-tier clinical surgeon and liver transplant expert, Dr. Lewis Teperman concentrates on clinical and research efforts on the realms of hepatobiliary surgery, liver transplantation, hepatocellular carcinoma, and extended criteria donor transplantation. His current role focuses on making direct use of cellular technology in patient care. Lewis Teperman possesses a BS in Biology from the University of Rochester and an MD from the Mount Sinai School of Medicine. Following this, he completed surgical residencies at the Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center and the Long Island Jewish Medical Center. He also fulfilled a fellowship in transplant surgery through the University of Pittsburgh, one of the top transplant fellowships in the nation. Dr. Teperman maintains an array of activities. In addition to his work at NYU, he also functions as the Director of the Mary Lea Johnson Richards Organ Transplantation Center, Director of Transplant Surgery for the NYU Langone Medical Center, Honorary Medical Officer of the New York Fire Department, and Honorary Police Surgeon with the New York Police Department. At the same time, he sits on the Editorial Board of Liver Transplantation and the Board of Directors for the New York Organ Donor Network. Dr. Lewis Teperman continues to receive frequent invitations to speak around the country regarding an array of topics around donor transmitted infectious diseases and hepatocellular carcinoma and transplantation.

    Professional experience

    Director of Transplant Surgery

    New York University School of Medicine

    January 1989 - Present

    Education history


    Mount Sinai School of Medicine

    August 1978 - June 1981(3 years)