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Eason Yee Sing

  • Kitchen Helper
  • shang hai 10


    ~V3rY 'LenG_Zai'..... ~VerY 'SmarT' But All are OppOsit3 one Lar.... :p Sometimes siao siao and like to do something PelIk PeLik Sometimes also got help ppl 1 lolz....but i am a REALLY SIAO PPL 1. im 175cm 2. 62kg 3. i have a big apetite 4. im a strong drinker 5. i value friendship 6. i love my folks 7. i rarely smile xcept wen i fart or someone trips :) 8. i love my ref and microwave and dvd player 9. i spent 1/4 of mah lyf playin video games 10. spent d other quarter playin wid my self ;p 11. i love tragic endings 12. im a leo 13. i love the weather cold 14. and my partner hot ~) 15. i hate calculation 16. im 1/4 mexican 17. i spend evry cent if its worth it 18. i love my girL, 19. i miss kissing her lips,. 20. im mis understood but i dont give a rat`s ass 21. i prefer boxers but i have tighty whitees 22. i live life to the fullest 23. i listen to those who i care for 24. i`ve been thru hell & back 25. i hate being alone 26. i sing...only to myself n my close fren.... 27. i respect those who deserve respect 28. im naughty.. but nice? 29. i easilly faLL inLove but hardly fall out 30. i love violence but dont practice it heheh but in some ocassions 31. i love porn 32. i cook good food 33. i like insects&rodents 34. i sleep at 1 or 2am 35. im flexible/versatile 36. im take no bull from anyone cus i give none 37. i sleep in the nude 38. im daring ehehehe gaLit asawa ko.. 39. faithful loyal,,,yep.its true.. 40. i like things simpLe &cLean 41. i keep my toilet floor dry 42. i admire&respect both my older brothern my older sister.... 43. i m last chiLd 44. i dont have allergies 45. my penmanship Looks Like scattered crap 46. im open minded 47. i try anything once 48. my true friends are Lazy go onLine 49. im passionate 50. im still thinking of what eLse to say... =D

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    Kitchen Helper

    shang hai 10