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Edgar Mendez Montoya

  • Edgar Mendez Montoya of EDME Trading
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    Since 2007, Edgar Mendez Montoya has served as the owner and developer of EDME Trading. At the Cancun, Mexico, firm, Mr. Montoya applies the philosophy of remaining serious and committed to one’s professional endeavors each and every day in order to operate at the best of one's ability. At EDME Trading, he and his team sell myriad steel construction materials to construction firms and the general public. Among the products available from Edgar Mendez Montoya’s company include nets, nails, screens, and clips. Additionally, his relationship with Deacero SA de CV as a steel supplier further ensures customer satisfaction on account of the firm’s internationally recognized 50-year history as a manufacturer of high-quality steel products. Along with providing proper materials, Mr. Montoya displays his company's dedication in other areas. A believer in good customer service, he understands the importance of personal and friendly attention in establishing long-term relationships with clients. Mr. Montoya also involves EDME Trading in the community by conducting outreach and encouraging values. Today, the firm holds standing as one of the territory's biggest trading companies. To learn more about EDME Trading, please visit

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    January 2007 - Present