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eduardo moran

  • MIM, DEA, PhD cand.


    NAME: EDUARDO MORAN FIERRO DATE: August 14, 1945 Quito, Ecuador, PERMANENT ADDRESS: Av Shirys 40-50 and Gaspar de Villaroel Tel :2468-408 Cel: 099-844448 E-mail CURRENT JOB: Management Development Consultant Researcher, evaluation of projects and programs with systemic and Multicriteria approaches , development of assessment models for careers and higher education institutions. Advisor to the Universidad Tecnologica Equinoccial for the creation of a continious evaluation system. I speak and write in spanish, english and frenchand read and understqnd german, portuguese and italian. I have extensevely traveled in South, Central and North America, Europe, Middle East, andsome countries of Africa. I have had academic and consulting experience , in management and related disciplines, energy economics, and project design and management, but lately , I have entered in the analysis of the influence of the business education in the development of the instrumental rationality prevailing in this stage of the modernity , and the absence of substantive rationality in our society. I do work in the city and have an apt. not to far from the university, and i spend some time in a property of two acres 30 minutes far from the city in a warm valley wher I have four nice llamas.