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Ehsan Baha

  • MSc. in Industrial Design
  • Founder, Design Consultant
  • Meaningwise
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Recent publications

  • Servitization of Products as an Approach for Design-Driven Innovation

    • Baha E
    • Groenewoud A
    • van Mensvoort K
  • Retracing a Past Evolution of Meanings for Design-Driven Innovation

    • Baha E
    • Snelders D
    • Lu Y
    • et al.

Professional experience

Founder, Design Consultant


June 2014 - Present


I am a designer and a researcher who is interested in designing meaningful and good ways of life for people. My specialization is in the design of intelligent products, services, and systems. I have in depth capabilities and knowledge regarding both the creation and the implementation of such high-tech solutions. My passion is designing unique approaches, tools, and infrastructures (product service systems) that propose transformations in society. While appreciating both theoretical knowledge and practical experience, I started my career with a specialization in Interaction Design. Being trained by top researchers in academia and professional designers from the industry, I later expanded my knowledge and capabilities by specializing in Business Process Design as well. Currently I am pursuing an independent research project in which I am investigating what good design is or could be. My research includes philosophical and theoretical aspects of design and at the same time provides examples of how these could be implanted in or obtained from practice. To self-funded my research, I work freelance in education as a lecturer and coach, and as a design consultant in the industry. Main capabilities: ‣ Design Strategy (Products, Services, Systems) ‣ Innovation (Process) Design ‣ Interaction/Interface Design ‣ Meaning, Envisioning ‣ Design Philosophy/History ‣ Visual Design


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