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Elena Strelchuk

  • Peoples' Friendship University of Russia
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Research interests

elearningMethodologyGrammarPhoneticsLanguage & Culturepsycholinguisticsrussian as a foreign languagerussian languageculture of speech


I am the Executive Secretary of the RUDN journal "Vestnik". Series "Russian and foreign languages research and teaching". I suggest to your attention the articles on actual problems of Philology in the modern polycultural space. The articles are written by well-known Russian and Foreign scientists.

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The scientific journal "RUDN Journal of Russian and Foreign Languages Research and Teaching"


2017 - Present

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"Russian and foreign languages research and teaching"

Vestnik (2017)
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  • Стрельчук Елена Николаевна
Вестник РУДН. Серия Русский и иностранные языки и методика их преподавания (2015)
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Peoples' Friendship University of Russia