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Elliott Hauser

  • PhD
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Research interests

Knowledge DiscoveryKnowledge RepresentationAcademic DiscourseArgument Modeling


I'm an Information Science graduate student at UNC's School of Information and Library Science. I'm interested in developing information tools for knowledge discovery, especially within business, historical, scientific, and medical contexts. My masters research centers around the use of models of argument structure within knowledge discovery systems. Models of natural argument have been developed within the fields of artificial intelligence and linguistics and have found a natural home within a legal context. For instance, several researchers have developed systems that can model legal arguments in terms of their assumptions, evidence, and so on. But these models' potential impact is even father reaching. I aim to show that the argumentative relationships between pieces of technical literature hold the key to a more relevant knowledge discovery system for experts browsing a collection of these documents than current linking methods such as categories or citation webs. I'm part of the Digital Scholarship reading/working/interest group at UNC. I'm consulting part time with Accenture's systems integration consulting practice in Raleigh, NC as I finish my Masters degree. Visit my LinkedIn profile for a complete professional history. My other interests include Photography, Backpacking, and the Philosophy of Language.


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Royster Fellow

UNC Chapel Hill



UNC Chapel Hill


UNC Chapel Hill

August 2010 - May 2012(2 years)


Duke University

August 2002 - December 2005(3 years)