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Emanuel Errico

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    I am president and chief software designer at STFB Inc. We have been in business since 1997. Our core activity is the design and sale of high-end on-line accounting systems with full source code. We produced one of the first on-line internet-based accounting systems in 2000 called Integral Accounting ASP. We are the developers and distributors of Integral Accounting Enterprise, a complete on-line, multi-lingual and multi-currency accounting system with full source code written in Dot Net 2.0 and SQL Server 2005. We also produce the Nebula Accounting line of products, which is a series of accounting systems for small businesses with full source code implemented in VB Dot Net, ASP Dot Net, Microsoft Access, and PHP & MySQL. We license our accounting technology to VARS (Value-Added Resellers), Consultants, and Developers who in turn customize and resell our base accounting package to their end-users. We also have a research department that works on new computing projects, including Search Engine Technology, Building low-cost Supercomputers, Supercomputing projects, and AI & Knowledge Representation projects. STFB Inc. employs over 20 developers in offices all around the world. Company Website: Please read the "About Us" section at STFB.Com for more information about our company and a timeline of important events in our company's history. Current Active Projects: High-end Accounting Systems Advancing the cutting-edge in high-end customizable Enterprise Accounting Systems. Integral Accounting Enterprise, our worldwide multi-currency, multi-language accounting system, allows easy translation between any language, and ships with 15 of the world's most popular languages pre-installed. The Integral Accounting Enterprise system allows forms to be generated by simply editing XML files which are then parsed by our accounting engine on the fly. We use other advanced technology from Dot Net like Master Pages to allow for easy editing of the Interface. The entire system runs live on-line. For more information, visit IntegralAccounting.Com Personal Supercomputing Building and maintaining a free information site PersonalSuperComputing.Org that reviews the current state of the art in supercomputing on Desktop platforms, and contains step-by-step "Do-It-Yourself" information on builing home-grown supercomputers, allowing anyone with an interest and a few extra computers lying around to build their own supercomputer! Search Engine Technology Building next-generation search engine technology that uses AI filters to produce the most revelant results available anywhere! Does a Meta-Search of the web for your topic, filters out directory sites, link farms, and other non-revelant sites, and produces clean results!

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    January 1997 - Present