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Erik Ross

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Research interests

GUI ApplicationsParallel ProcessingComputational Heat TransferComputational Fluid Dynamics


Erik Ross is a New York based engineer with fifteen years of experience and dedication to his clients. He has lived all over the country and has been involved in a variety of projects, industries, and disciplines. He holds Master of Science degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautical engineering and his specialty is writing code for simulations and analysis of fluids. At sixteen he wrote code that interfaced with ship systems on research vessels for Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering at Worcester Polytechnic Institute funded by NROTC, the U.S. Navy's commissioning program for college students. He has served in the Navy and interfaced with both Aviation and Surface Warfare Communities where he was involved in research, design, analysis, and cost reductions. Some of his projects included work on magnetogasdynamic accelerated scramjet engines and a ten million dollar annual cost reduction project dealing with repair schedules. After his military contract was complete, he began consulting at Good Harbor where he designed and oversaw the construction of physical security systems and participated in security conscious urban planning. He has written and reviewed Requests for Proposals (RFP), has helped clients choose the bid with the most appropriate value, and has served as a smart friend who could be called on the weekend or travel to the site anytime before acceptance of a vendor's work. Value added services included prevention of vendor-originated scope creep, advise and analysis concerning vendor-originated change orders, and enforcement of contracts between clients and vendors. He left Good Harbor to return to graduate school and received Master of Science degrees from The Air Force Institute of Technology and Worcester Polytechnic Institute. He has applied his post-graduate knowledge at Baldwin Filters where he served as a Project Manger for a variety of new products and capabilities. In the interest of sharing his services and experience with a larger client base, he founded Ross Consulting to provide high quality analysis and creative services. Under the trade name, Erik has performed CFD analysis for occasional clients as well as provided a written affidavit to a court as an expert witness. Realizing that the most interesting contracts require a PhD and that he was still interested in research, he put Ross Consulting on hold and decided to go back to graduate school to complete a PhD degree and develop the skills associated with writing publishable works. He has an interest in continuing a profession of research beyond the terminal degree with either a post doctorate, professorship, or employment in a lab. Although Ross Consulting may be a trade name he keeps throughout his life for freelance work and expert witness assignments in times of economic hardships or income augmentation, he will most likely continue working on big projects, with cutting edge research, and sensitive time lines as a research associate in a lab or institution where research is an ongoing commitment.

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Professional experience

Teaching Assistant

University of Nebraska - Lincoln

August 2013 - April 2014(8 months)

Teaching Assistant

Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI)

August 2010 - January 2011(5 months)


MS Mechanical Engineering

Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI)

April 2009 - May 2011(2 years)

MS Aeronautical Engineering

Air Force Institute of Technology

April 2004 - August 2005(a year)

BS Mechanical Engineering

Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI)

August 2001 - May 2004(3 years)