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Esperança Valls Pujol

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  • University of Girona
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Esperança Valls Pujol holds a Ph.D. degree in Philology from the University of Girona and she obtained the degree of Hebrew Philology by the University of Barcelona. She has done doctoral courses at the same university within the programme "El Gresol de la Cultura Mediterrània" (The Crucible of the Ancient Mediterranean) obtaining the Diploma in Advanced Studies. She has also completed studies in the field of Judaism at the University of Castilla La Mancha, and on Psychology of Religions at the Philipps Universität Marburg in Germany. She defended his doctoral dissertation last February 2st (The Hebrew and Catalan Fragments -written in Hebrew characters- of Arxiu Històric de Girona: Textual study, Linguistic Analysis and Palaeographic Edition) at the University of Girona under the direction of Professor Joan Ferrer i Costa, Semitist and Professor of Hebrew and Aramaic, and received a unanimous Cum Laude. She is currently preparing the publication of her PhD thesis for the Main Series of Brill Publishers (Leiden) Studies in Jewish History and Culture. She has participated as a professor in summer courses on University of Girona, University of Barcelona and the University Ramon Llull and has taught several university extension courses for the University of Girona Foundation and conferences, mainly around the Catalan Judaism and Jewish Science. She has published and edited several studies about the Jewish Catalan world, with a special focus on science, Jewish loans, Hebrew Catalan manuscripts and archival research. She has attended several academic international conferences and seminars, and presented more than twenty academic papers. She is a founding member and co-director of the Institut Món Juïc, a research institute that aims to investigate and disclose everything that surrounds the Catalan Judaism. She is also a member of the Catalan Society of Hebrew Studies (SCEHB) and member of the scientific advisory services of the Museum of History of the City of Barcelona (MUHBA). She was also part of the team of curators of the exhibition El Call. Els jueus a la Barcelona medieval (The Jewish Quarter. The Jews of Medieval Barcelona) of this museum (2014). In addition to participating in several academic conferences and seminars held in different countries, she currently teaches informative conferences on the Jewish world. On the other hand, she also devotes part of his academic work as editor (Collections Cum Laude, Mirades, Eduard Feliu, Flaixos Juïcs and Bet Guenazim from the IMJ). She has also organised five international conferences concerning the study of Judaism in the territories of Catalan language, cultural events and courses of various kinds. She participates in some research projects, such as the European project Books within Books (Hebrew Fragments in European Libraries) of Ecole Practique des Hautes Etudes (EPHE), JACOV- Juifs a Chrétiens: Origine des valeurs sur les marchés medievaux of University Tolouse –Le Mirail or Xarxa de Calls of Institut Món Juïc and University of Barcelona. For two years she was doing an inventory of documents, buildings and archaeological remains of the Jewish Middle Ages to the Barcelona City History Museum. In fact, until two years ago, has worked for the Historical Archive of Girona in the classification, study and interpretation of over nine hundred Hebrew manuscripts found in the notarial bookbindings of this archive, in collaboration with Professor Mauro Perani of the University of Bologne (Italy), director of the 'Italian Genizah' Project. The project of Girona is not closed and she continues to study these manuscripts.

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Universitat de Girona

January 2010 - Present


PhD Philology

Universitat de Girona

October 2010 - February 2016(5 years)

- Diploma on Advanced Hebrew and Aramaic Studies (DEA) (MPhil)

Universitat Barcelona

October 2000 - September 2002(2 years)

BA in Hebrew Philology

Universitat Barcelona

October 1994 - January 2000(5 years)