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Evgeny Dronov

  • IREX/Kyrgyzstan Representative Office
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SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS Information & referral services Design & Development and Customer delivery; Client educational advising on basic and comprehensive web research and navigation with use and assessment of retrieved information; Information resource management for client problem-oriented needs providing a wide variety of users such as business and industry, public service professionals, students and scholars with the needed information & referral services; Information brokerage to assist clients with conceptual organization and representation in identifying and interpreting information to address client’s evolving information needs; Provision of value-added services including research result data with information analysis and synthesis to meet client specific requirements; Effective use of Internet information retrieval technologies to meet client needs; Technical support provision and troubleshooting for information service clients; Comprehensive experience in searching, evaluating, analyzing and synthesizing information in support of specific objectives for particular communities of practice;

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Professional experience

IREX/Kyrgyzstan Representative Office

July 1996 - Present

Kyrgyz State National University, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

August 1991 - May 1996(5 years)