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Fabricio Gonçalves de Camargo

  • Estudante e Pesquisador a Nivel de Pos Graduação - ICB - USP
  • Instituto de Ciências Biomédicas - USP
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Graduated in Biological Sciences from Escola Superior de Agricultura "Luiz de Queiroz" - ESALQ - USP (2002) in the level of Bachelor Degree from the School of Mathematical Science and Nature Habiltação in Biology with the Methodist University of Piracicaba - Unimep (2004) ; Scientific Initiation in Physiological Sciences and Biophysics, Faculty of Dentistry of Piracicaba - FOP - Unicamp, with emphasis on cardiovascular response, hormonal, biochemical, metabolic and behavioral (Laboratory of Stress - Fellow FAPESP). Participation in the research group that has investigated the effects triggered by anabolic steroids (nandrolone decanoate - Deca Durabolim) in laboratory animals (FOP-UNICAMP). Specialization in Systematic Botany and Plant Morphogenesis in spreading culture of "Peach palm" in the College of Agriculture "Luiz de Querioz" - ESALQ - USP. Experience in the field Ecotoxicology vegetative and wildlife by the Center for Nuclear Energy in Agriculture - CENA - ESALQ - USP. Graduate with experience in participatory scientific and Laboratory for Clinical Research in resistance Insuina - FCM - UNICAMP, works with emphasis on obesity, diabetes type II, hypertension, hyperinsulinemia and insulin resistance (IR), Faculty of Medical Sciences (FCM), Universidade Estadual de Campinas - Unicamp. He is currently involved in research related to inflammation and metabolic diseases and coronary Autoimmune and Immunobiology, Laboratory of Clinical Research and Medical Emergencies - LIM - FMUSP - Department of Pharmacology and Clinical Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, University of São Paulo - FMUSP.

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Professional experience

Estudante e Pesquisador a Nivel de Pos Graduação - ICB - USP

Instituto de Ciências Biomédicas - USP

July 2011 - Present

Pos Graduation in Medical Sciences

Faculty of Medicine, University of São Paulo - FMUSP

February 2011 - Present


Post graduate medical Pathophysiology, Faculty of Medical Sciences, State University of Campinas - Unicamp

February 2007 - November 2010(4 years)