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Fatima Maria Felisberti

  • Dr
  • Senior Lecturer in Psychology
  • Kingston University London, School of Social and Behavioural Sciences
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Research interests

evolutionary psychology and psychology of art.attentionsocial neurocognitionFace and emotion processing


I am a cognitive neuroscientist interested in inter-disciplinary research. My current research focuses on different aspects of human behaviour: from emotions and cognition to visual perception and memory in social interactions. I am also interested in the aesthetic experience in visual art. The old dichotomy between internal (cognitive/neural) and external (social) factors is detrimental to the understanding of the complexities of behaviour. Hence, my lab employs cognitive, evolutionary, psychophysics, and neural toolkits to address a range questions in a wider and more integrated context.


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Publications (5)

  • Investigating behavior and face encoding in a hypothetical real-world social contract: Hand-washing in hazardous health settings.

    • Felisberti F
    • Farrelly D
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  • The effects of alcohol on the recognition of facial expressions and microexpressions of emotion: Enhanced recognition of disgust and contempt.

    • Felisberti F
    • Terry P
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  • Spatial location in brief, free-viewing face encoding modulates contextual face recognition

    • Felisberti F
    • McDermott M
  • Tied factor analysis for face recognition across large pose differences

    • Prince S
    • Warrell J
    • Elder J
    • et al.
  • Crowding and the tilt illusion: toward a unified account.

    • Solomon J
    • Felisberti F
    • Morgan M
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Professional experience

Senior Lecturer in Psychology

Kingston University London, School of Social and Behavioural Sciences

September 2006 - Present


PhD (2nd)

Max Plank Institute for Biological Cybernetics

October 1992 - August 1996(4 years)

PhD (first)

São Paulo University - Nucleo of Neurosciences

March 1988 - February 1992(4 years)

BSc Biology (emphasis: Physiology) & Experimental Psychology

Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul & Sao Paulo University

March 1984 - February 1988(4 years)