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Felix Telegin

  • Head of Dept of Coloration Technology
  • Ivanovo State University of Chemistry and Technology
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Research interests

quantitative relationships between structure and properties of dyeskinetics and thermodynamics of dyeingPhysical chemistry of sorption of dyes


Born in 1955 and live in Ivanovo, Russia. Ivanovo is a Russian center of textile manufacture since early times and with a present polulation of about ½ million, 300 km North-East from Moscow. The name of Ivanovo is known in the world as Ivanovo-Voznesensk or ‘Russian Manchester’. Mother was a teacher of foreign languages (French and German) and farther – a textile machinery engineer. Graduated from high school in 1972. This school is famous in Ivanovo as the first school in the town which started an advanced studying of English. A director of the school, Tatiana Petukhova, by the way, in 90s succeeded in approaching Leeds (UK) municipality, which called Leeds and Ivanovo as ‘sister-cities’. Thanks to brilliant teachers of the school the good knowledge of English, chemistry, mathematics and physics supported very much further education and professional work. Graduated in 1977 from the Institute of Chemistry and Technology in Ivanovo, Department of Chemical Technology of Fibrous Materials (as it sounds in Russian). The Department deals with textile chemistry, colour science, finishing technology and equipment. The Institute was also founded in 1918 on the basis of former Riga Polytechnic University, which inherited old European traditions of science and education. This University was moved by a young Soviet government from Riga, a present capital of Latvia, to the center of Russia where Ivanovo is placed. In 1982 received a PhD degree in Textile Chemistry (in Russia such a degree is called ‘a candidate of technical sciences’). Dissertation was carried out and presented in the Institute of Chemistry and Technology in Ivanovo. In 1999 a degree of Doctor of Chemical Sciences in Physical Chemistry was received after presenting a second doctoral dissertation in 1998 in the Institute of Solution Chemistry (Russian Academy of Sciences). During period of 1982-2008 worked in positions of Senior Research Fellow, Leading Research Fellow, Chief Research Fellow and Professor connected with the same Department and Institute, although the Institute itself was renamed into Academy and then into University during the last decade. Present position since 2008 is an ‘elected’ head of the Department. Former head of Department, Prof. Boris Melnikov (1927-2008), was a most famous, emeritus and the oldest textile chemist in Russia. Close ties with the Society of Dyers and Colourists has begun in 1996. Former SDC executive secretary Mr. J. Wardman after our contacts during the IFATCC Congress in Vienna kindly recommended me to approach the Society, which was very well known and attractive for me since the times of education in the University. Prof. Roger Burley (Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh), a Fellow of the Society, cherished memory of him, supported further approaching the Society and in 1999 I was involved into the international team of Editorial Panel Members of the journal Coloration Technology. And now I am very much happy to be a part of this unique, very interesting and recognized community and to serve the ideas of the Society in Russian science and education.

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Professional experience

Head of Dept of Coloration Technology

Ivanovo State University of Chemistry and Technology

May 2008 - Present


Doctor of Chemical Sciences (Physical Chemistry)

Institute of Solution Chemistry, Russian Academy of Sciences

November 1998 - Present

Engineer of Chemical Technology

Ivanovo State University of Chemistry and Technology (former Ivanovo State Institute of Chemistry and Technology)

June 1977 - Present