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Research interests

Environmental pollution control Ion uptake by plants Soil-plant-water relationships


SABRY RAGAB Professor for soil sciences and environmental control Nordre Fasanvej 17 D, 2000 Frederiksberg, Denmark. Tel. / Fax +45 47 31 23 36 Mobile +45 28 93 53 35. & Former university professor for Soil Sciences and Plant nutrition with over 44 years of experience in education, training and research work in the fields of Soil Chemistry & fertility, Environmental Pollution, Horticulture, Agro-biological aspects of Soil-Water-Plant Relationships, Analytical Chemistry, Laboratory Management and computer skills. Speaks Danish, English, Arabic, and some French. March 1999 – Date: Independent Consultant for Environmental control, Horticultural Production, Soil reclamation, plant nutrition soil fertility,and agrobiological projects. June 83 - Feb 1999: Consultant, for Soil Chemistry, Waste Management &Water Pollution. International Airport Projects, Ministry of Defense, Saudi Arabia. Provides soils conservation and reclamation services for the International Airports, with special reference to Jeddah International Airport (area of 1000 hectares ‘’2500 acres’’ with 300 hectares high tech Plant Production Station and landscaped grounds. Functions include: • Developing computer program for soil- physical and chemical survey, and mapping, • Preparation and implementation of soil reclamation and control by developing and applying computer programs, • Managing composting of wastes from landscape operations and two major waste- water treatment plants, • Monitoring both industrial waste- water treatment plant, and quality of desalinization water plant (Capacity 20,000 m3, daily). • Supporting operation and developing computer program for pest control for the Plant Production Station. • Managing a laboratory for chemical and biological tests by using hi-tech equipment and computers, • Scientific assistance and training to personnel of universities and sister government organizations. • Commissioning and handing over a project of plant production station,value of 25 million US $, to the Ministry of Defense, Saudi Arabia, constructed by Bechtel International Company, USA. • Teaching, Soil Physics, Soil-Water-Plant Relationships, and Soil Sciences courses ( in English), and set up an environmental – lab as a visiting professor for School of Environ- mental Design, Faculty of Engineering, King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah. • As a consultant, I have developed in Jeddah, Saudia Arabia, a small factory for organic fertilizer by recycling landscaping refuses, with a net capacity of 5 tons per day. Apr. 81 - May 83: Senior Research Officer, Institute of Plant Ecology, Copenhagen University, Denmark. Participated in a team of 4 scientists in the research of acid rain interactions with heavy metal pollutants in soil- plant systems. Results were submitted to the Environmental Control Council. Developed new fertilizer formulas and received government approval for their commercialization. Coordinated joint research programs with different Arab country’s universities, Egypt – Libya - Saudi Arabia - and the United Arab Emirates. May 79 - Nov. 81: Soil reclamation Consultant, Almanal Agencies for Wadi Fatima Project, Makkah, Saudi Arabia. Supervised, for the owner, the development and commissioning of a $15 million project for production of vegetable and ornamental crops, which involved the reclamation of 200 hectares (500 acres) of saline, sodic, and rocky soils and construction of greenhouses covering an area of 10 hectares. Jun. 78 - Apr. 79: Senior Research Officer, Institute of Sanitary Engineering, Technical University of Denmark. Participated with 3 scientists in the research of acid rain interaction with heavy metal pollutants in arable land, using radioisotopes to measure metal fall-out. Results were presented to the Environmental Control Council. Mar. 70 - May 78: Associate Professor for Soil Sciences, Soils Department, AL- Azhar University, Cairo, Egypt. Lectured graduate and undergraduate courses to 1500 students (in English) and supervised preparation of postgraduate theses (see list below). Conducted research on air pollution effects on animal husbandry and supervised the setup and operation of a central research laboratory for the Faculty of Agriculture. Oct. 63 - Feb. 70: Lecturing Assistant, and Assistant Professor for Soil Sciences, Soils Department, Ein Shams University, Cairo, Egypt. Taught (in English) Physics, Chemistry, Geology, Soil Sciences, Soil Microbiology, Irrigation Systems and Agricultural Engineering. Also established research - labs. EDUCATION: • Ph. D. in Soil Sciences, AL-Azhar University, Cairo, Egypt 1972. • M Sc. in Soil Sciences, Ein Shams University, Cairo, Egypt 1967. • B Sc. in Soil Sciences, Ein Shams University, Cairo, Egypt 1963. PUBLICATIONS: • Effect of Potassium Fertilizer on Cation Uptake and Concentration in Oat Shoots. Journal of Agricultural Sciences, Cambridge University, 1979. • Effect of Ammonium on the Regulation of Sodium Transport in Helianthus annuus. Journal of Agricultural Sciences, Cambridge University, 1979. • Water Uptake and Trans-potential in Sunflower Roots as influenced by ammonium ions. Journal of Agricultural Sciences, Cambridge University, 1980. • Effect of Ammonium on Anion Uptake and Trans-Root Potential in Sunflower Roots. Journal of Agricultural Sciences, Cambridge University, 1980. • Phosphorus Effect on Zinc Translocation in Maize. Communication in Soil Science and Plant Analysis, 1980. • Cotton Growth and Nutrient Uptake Following Temik Aldicarb Application. Journal of Agricultural Sciences, Cambridge University, 1981. • Response of Barley Plant to Two Forms of Nitrogen and Two Sources of Zinc. Agrochemica, Pisa, 1981. Please note that all publications are for a single author (Sabry Ragab). STUDENT PROJECTS, 1972-1978: Ph.D. Degree: • Root Growth in Relation to Phosphorus and Potassium Uptake by Plant. M.Sc. Degree: • Cation Exchange Properties of Plant Root Surfaces as Influenced by Nutritional Status. • Effect of phosphate Doses on uptake of Micronutrients by Plant. • Zinc Uptake as Influenced by Phosphorus and Calcium Carbonate Content of soil. • Efficiency of Phosphate Fertilizers as Influenced by Available Magnesium. • The Influence of Nitrogen and Phosphorus on Cation Exchange Capacity of Roots and Cation Content of Plant. • Zn-EDTA and Zinc Sulphate as Sources of Zinc under Ammonium and Nitrate Nitrogen Fertilizers on Egyptian Soils. • Effects of Salts on the Movement of Plant Nutrients from Soil to Plant Roots. • Availability of Phosphorus to Plant Roots as Influenced by Nitrogen Form. AFFILIATION: Academic Agronomists Society of Denmark, Soil Science Society of Egypt, International Society of Tropical Foresters, USA, and the Composting Council USA. PERSONAL: Danish Citizen, Born in Egypt in 1940, married with a Dane, one independent child. References available upon request.

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Professional experience


FERTOLAB Consultants, Denmark

January 1999 - Present


Ph.D. in Plant Nutrition and Fertilization

Ein-shams University, Cairo, Egypt

April 1972 - Present

Ph. D. in Soil Sciences

EinShams University- AlAzhar University

April 1972 - Present

Msc. and Ph.D.

Ein-shams University, Cairo, Egypt; Alazhar university, Cairo, Egypt