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Ficky Nuary


      just trying 2 be beauty inside and fresh outside :D My name is Ficky Dima Nuary.. But some people call me kiky, and the others call me Ficky.. So, which one u like to call me? :) i love my parents and my young sister.. Some people said that im mature, and some people said im a little bit childis but exactly it depend the person i meet.. Some people said im friendly,but the other said im quite and cool (when im in a bad mood,hehe) But i know im moody, need target and focus in my life, i need to learn more to be smart, i need experience to be mature, love to save my money , and i like to buy some dress, and shoes, but not bag,hehe.. About my life?? I love peace, and i want to live in a good life, i want to have a good job (entertain or enterpreneur), i want to be single when i have broken heart,and i want to have bf when i feel ok, i want to marry soon and have my own family, i want to have children, and i want to have some pets.. About taking a way?? I want to travelling to Thailand, japan, and hawai, Uhhmm, i want to see Lady diana RIP too because im a fan of her, About my social?? i want to help children, and i want to clean my environment to safety my life from global warming. About my social Life?? I want to hang out with friend when i have a time, read books more than now, i want to follow cooking and diving lesson, and i want to dance..