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Fifi Bowwow

  • Head Coach
  • Taekwondo Instructor


    This is ten percent luck, twenty percent skill Fifteen percent concentrated power of will Five percent pleasure, fifty percent pain And a hundred percent reason to remember the name! im fiona ul pe and tkd Well Im training to be a PE teacher In ul. Do Taekwondo which is my passion the thing that keeps me going and it means the world to me, its also the place that you meet the best people in the world. Love to stay healthy and fit and just keep active in anyway love to play frisbe such a good craic. UL NINJAS best team ever. From Cork but Love Ul. Nataly Rafter is someone I couldnt live without. And love my luru too.

    Professional experience

    Head Coach

    Taekwondo Instructor

    January 2012 - Present