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Filipa Saraiva

  • PhD student
  • Konrad Lorenz Institute of Ethology

    Research interests

    Animal welfareEvolutionary BiologyCichlidsNeuroethologyBehaviour EndocrinologySocial behaviour


    The ability to behave in accordance to the environmental stimuli, both ecological and social, fascinates me, especially the mechanistic behind those behaviours. Cooperative behaviour is a complex social behaviour and little is known about its endocrinological basis. I’m exploring the ecological and hormonal background that could elicit cooperative behaviour in a non-cooperative species using as my model organism Neolamprologus caudopunctatus and Neolamprologus pulcher.


    PhD Behavioural Ecology

    Veterinarmedizinische Universitat Wien Konrad Lorenz Institut fur Vergleichende Verhaltensforschung

    October 2015 - Present

    Master of Science in Ecology and Evolution

    Universitat Bern

    September 2012 - August 2014(2 years)

    Bachelor in Biology

    Universidade de Coimbra

    September 2008 - July 2012(4 years)