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Francisco Goncalves

  • IT Architect & Open-Source Solutions Advisor
  • Bank-IT
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Professional experience

IT Architect & Open-Source Solutions Advisor


January 2002 - Present


Information Sciences

Universidade Aberta Lisboa - Open University of Lisboa

September 2008 - Present

Computers Systems & Programming Tech

Instituto Português de Informática

October 1975 - June 1978(3 years)


Having deep know-how in the areas of Information Technology, Computers Sciences, Telecomunications and the Project / Team leadership of Technical & Sales teams, I consider myself with the passion and knowledge to be actively productive and also innovative, in this new era of Information Sharing, Collaboration and Knowledge. Previously worked as Chief Technology and on Specific Software Developments at ICL Portugal & UK, Philips TDS and IT Consultant / IT Architect in areas like Transports, Retail, Insurance Companies and Banking Industry, always dealing with innovative projects, exploring / developing new ideas and also very proactive in the deliveries and support of new IT software and services. Experienced in the IT field (O/S Systems Architectures, Sw Development/Analysis, Telecomms and Proj.Management) for more than 30 years always with sucessfull project records. More prof. info can be found at My Detailed Professional Profile or at Linkedin. "We are what we do repeatedly. The Excellence is therefore not a feat, But a habit". [Aristóteles] I am ........ what i am!!!! Enthusiastic, Persistent, Highly Self Motivation, Creative, Love Challenges and Changes, Friendly, Perfectionist, High Tech Evangelist, ...(......). My Personality (according Jung Personality Test). ENTP - "Inventor". Enthusiastic interest in everything and always sensitive to possibilities. Non-conformist and innovative. 3.2% of the total population. (Free Jung Personality Test (similar to Myers-Briggs/MBTI). Personal interests and continuous investigations / studies on Information Sciences, Computers Systems & Open-Source Technologies, Robotics, Quantum Computing, Brain, Cognition & Artificial Intelligence, Psychology, Sociology and Programming in SecondLife object with LSL. Active at mind level and physically, enjoying jogging, cycling and swimming and with discipline of exercising and running about 6 kms everyday. _________________________________________________________________ Open-Source Everything e-Learning University Virtual Desktop Mashup Office Tools

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