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Fuminori Nakamura

  • Part-time Lecturer
  • Tokai University


    Research Interests I am a postgraduate student specializing in the study of language, from theoretical exploration into human cognition concerning language to investigation into language use. I mainly analyse English and Japanese, but I am also interested in other languages. I am studying for pleasure Old English, German and Latin. I like communicating with others both in Japanese and in others, although I also like reading books. Life I do not have a specific hobby; I usually spend holidays just on idling away my time. If there is something I like doing in my life, it should be eating and drinking. Accordingly, I like cooking. I do not stick to Japanese food and drink, rather I would like to challenge foreign ones which I have never tried. In visiting other countries, I look for a supermarket to see local food I do not ever know. Food teaches me the way people there live no less vividly than languages or literature do. However, I am far from a gourmet. Fortunately (or perhaps unfortunately?) almost every thing I had tastes good to me, from so-called junk food to interesting specialties such as Haggis and blood sausages. The only thing I hesitate to eat is licorice, I do not want such a little black devil to be in my mouth. However, I still want to try interesting food in the world. Language My mother tongue is Japanese, although I make many mistakes and misapprehensions. The reason why I use English almost exclusively in FB is no more than that it, I suppose, is the only language all of my friends know.

    Professional experience

    Part-time Lecturer

    Tokai University

    April 2011 - Present

    Keio Research Center for Foreign Language Education

    April 2010 - March 2011(a year)