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Garth Huber

  • Executive Director
  • Canadian Institute of Nuclear Physics
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One of the top 10 unsolved problems in physics is the nature of the strong force where quark confinement dominates. I.E. it is poorly understood how quark and gluon interactions give rise to the observed properties of strongly-interacting particles, such as pions, kaons and protons. I lead several experiments at Jefferson Lab, which will take data with unprecedented accuracy and will measure some of these properties for the first time to better understand the underlying quark-gluon structure.

Recent publications

  • [Formula presented] Evolution of the Generalized Gerasimov-Drell-Hearn Integral for the Neutron using a [Formula presented] Target

    • Amarian M
    • Auerbach L
    • Averett T
    • et al.
  • Electron-Induced Neutron Knockout from [Formula presented]

    • Misiejuk A
    • Papandreou Z
    • Voutier E
    • et al.

Professional experience

Executive Director

Canadian Institute of Nuclear Physics

July 2013 - Present

Professor of Physics

University of Regina

February 1990 - Present



University of Regina

September 1984 - February 1988(3 years)

Co-authors (1305)

  • Parada Hutauruk