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Gary Knight

  • University of Ottawa
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Research interests

Incompleteness and quantum computingEntropy and lifeSt Anselm's ontology and modal logicSymmetries and number theoryAlgebraic analysisNatural theology and cosmologyPersonalist philosophy and theology


Expertise: (as a theoretician / modeller) - computational physics including statistical methods - semi-classical transport (BTE) in sub-micron metal and semiconductor materials - plasmonic (surface plasmon polariton) photonics on submicron patterned metal - electron devices including spin switches, ratchets - semiconductor heterojunction band-offsets - biophysical models of neural networks Interests: (scientific) - History and philosophy of physics, cosmology - fundamentals of quantum mechanics - information theory and quantum computing

Followers (1)

  • Lei Ma

    Lei MaUniversity of New Mexico

Professional experience

Postdoctoral researcher

McMaster University

January 2009 - January 2010(a year)


Ph.D. ; P.Phys

University of Ottawa