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Gayathra Perera


      I am a very easy going person ,I love to laugh and make other's laugh as well ,do stupid jokes with the people that i'm comfortable around. it's the best gift u can give to ur loved ones ,u know what they say. it's the best Medicine,I like to be friendly all the time no matter what the situation is , very much open minded and so hard to stay angry with anyone unless u do something extremely offensive :D .. I like to listen to what everyone has to say, I admire differentiality and different opinions ,i think everyone should have their own opinion . I believe no matter the situation is you can put aside ur pride and ego for a while and compromise ,life is too good to have complications.. I like music so much, all kinds of stuff, mostly Rock and Techno,simply can't go a day without music, it's my meditation! I like to party with my peeps and dance (mostly do weird moves) . you should always be good and kind to the people around you, world ain't fair, but always be fair to yourself and for the ones you love, always wear a smile whatever u feel in ur heart and whatever u going through. it may give someone hope and happiness.I can be good to anyone who can be good to me. simple as that,and I can be a good friend to anyone, :)