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Gerald Musano

  • Gerald Musano and Liberty Enterprises, Inc.


    A native of Pelham Bay, New York, Gerald Musano began his career in the construction industry. Throughout the early 1970s, he won bids to complete a series of construction projects on Wall Street and throughout the city of New York. Later, he secured property in Pelham Bay and then in Manhattan. In 1981, Gerald Musano left his construction business to establish Liberty Enterprises, Inc., through which he pursues his passion for real estate management. With strong ties to the local organization Rent Manhattan, Liberty Enterprises owns and operates several buildings in Manhattan and on Staten Island. Under Mr. Musano’s direction, the property firm offers a wide range of real estate and financial management services. It also handles specific needs, such as general maintenance, repair, wireless internet, and exterminator services. Jerry Musano currently manages Liberty Enterprises with the help of his son, Jarrod, who now serves as the company’s chief executive officer.


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