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Gershon Feder

  • Associate Editor
  • American Journal of Agricultural Economics
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Research interests

Economic Development Rural Development


Gershon Feder is currently the chair of IFPRI’s Publications Review Committee. He has contributed to agricultural and development economics as the author of dozens of seminal and widely-cited and articles and two books, as well as through his role in the management of development activities and as an advisor on development policies at the World Bank. He received a BA (with distinction) in Economics and Development Studies from Tel-Aviv University, and a PhD in Economics from the University of California (Berkeley). Upon graduation, he joined the World Bank where he became Division Chief and Senior Research Manager at the Bank’s research department. He joined IFPRI in 2009 after retiring from the World Bank. Through his published research, he has made significant contributions in the fields of land policy, extension impact evaluation, the economics of technology diffusion, and farmer behavior under uncertainty. His early works on other development economics topics, such as sovereign debt-servicing capacity and the contribution of exports to economic growth continue to be cited in recent literature. He served as an associate editor of the American Journal of Agricultural Economics (1991 – 1994) and co-editor of the World Bank Research Observer (1998 -2008). His achievements were recognized by the agricultural economics profession, with two of his coauthored works receiving the Quality of Research Discovery Award from the American Agricultural Economics Association (AAEA), and two works awarded the Publication of Enduring Quality award. In 2005, he was inducted as a Fellow of the AAEA.

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Publications (5)

  • Land Registration, Governance, and Development: Evidence and Implications for Policy

    • Feder G
    • K. Deininger
  • Investing in Farmers - -The Impacts of Farmer Field Schools in Relation to Integrated Pest management: A Comment

    • Feder G
    • R. Murgai
    • J. Quizon
  • The Cost Effectiveness of Alternative Integrated Pest Management Extension Methods: An Example from Bangladesh

    • Feder G
    • J. Ricker-Gilbert
    • G. Norton
    • et al.
  • Agricultural Extension: Good Intentions and Hard Realities

    • Feder G
    • J. Anderson
  • Evolving Farm Structures and Land Use Patterns in Former Socialist Countries

    • Feder G
    • Z. Lerman
    • C. Csaki

Professional experience

Associate Editor

American Journal of Agricultural Economics

Chairman, Publications Review Committee

International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI), USA

Division Chief, Agricultural Policies Division, Department of Agriculture

World Bank

Division Chief, Agricultural Operations Division, Country Department 3, East Asia and Pacific Region

World Bank

Senior Research Manager, Development Research Group

World Bank

Associate Editor

World Bank Research Observer

Education history

B.A. Development Studies, honors

Tel-Aviv University

Ph.D. Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics

University of California at Berkeley