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Giovan Peyrotty

  • PhD Student - University of Geneva
  • University of Geneva

    Research interests

    Field GeologyGeodynamicsPetrophysicsReservoir GeologyBiostratigraphyDiagenesisSedimentologyGeology of Carbonates


    PhD Student at the University of Geneva The Upper Triassic atoll-type carbonates of Japan and Far East Russia : Sedimentology, diagenesis, paleogeography and high resolution biostratigraphy. Research My work is a part of the REEFCADE project (REEF and carbonate buildup development) which aims to improve our knowledge of marine carbonate development during the Upper Triassic. In the past years, two PhD projects were focused on the sedimentological and paleontological study of Triassic limestones belonging to the Sambosan Accretionary Complex (SAC), in the southern part of Japan (Kyushu and Shikoku Islands). This PhD project, supervised by Prof. Rossana Martini, deals with mid-oceanic seamount carbonates from Panthalassa Ocean, now accreted in the form of isolated blocks observable from Philippines to Sakhalin Islands (Far East Russia). My research focuses on the Upper Triassic carbonates from Hokkaido (Japan) and Sikhote-Alin (Far East Russia). Main Goals -Investigate and sample unexplored limestone outcrops in Japan (Hokkaido Island) and Far East Russia (Sikhote-Alin region), considered as the continuity of the SAC to the North. -Complete a full sedimentological, diagenetic and micropaleontological study on still poorly known limestones from Triassic Panthalassa Ocean. -Use these new data for the comprehension of the establishment of Jurassic and Cretaceous accretionnary complexes in Hokkaido and Sikhote-Alin. -Compare and correlate biotic assemblage, diagenesis and depositional setting of different Triassic localities from Tethyan and Panthalassic domains. -Provide new data for taxonomic revisions and help to better constrain palaeogeographical models. Lecturer Assistant for bachelor students -Structural Geology (theoretical & field courses) -Cartography (field course) -Sedimentology of carbonates (theoretical & field courses)

    Education history


    Universite de Geneve

    April 2016 - Present