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Dear colleagues! Key tasks of the project: globalization and popularization of science; overcoming barriers making participation of scientists from around the world in active life of the civilized scientific society more difficult. The International Academy of Science and Higher Education (IASHE; London, United Kingdom; is the author and the founder of the project. All-Ukrainian Academic Union (Kiev-Odessa, Ukraine) is the project Administrator urged to promote the shortening of qualitative and methodical distance between processes of presentation and promulgation of author's scientific studies in countries with various levels of economic and political development, as well as the state of science (together with other functions). Within the framework of the GISAP ( project 12 specialized scientific issues (journals), international digests of scientific works, resolutions of international scientific congresses and scientific monographs of the most successful participants of the project are published. Publishing policy of the IASHE assumes functioning of the program "Scientific Etalon". Within the framework of this program free publication (shipping of the printed journal is not included) of high-quality scientific studies of authoritative scientists from countries with traditionally high level of scientific development is provided. We believe that good reputation of the researcher in the global scientific community assumes his desire to promote international scientific communications and progressive intellectual processes. The IASHE publishes scientific works characterized by innovative originality, high creative and professional quality. Such reports and publications are widely demanded among colleagues. They promote the development of their scientific potential and stimulate analytical activity of researchers. In total such circumstances undoubtedly make a significant contribution into the development of the global science. We would also be glad to interview interested scientists on agreed matters connected with scientific creativity and educational activity. Such interviews are placed in printed and electronic issues of the Academy. They will be widely distributed within the framework of our international scientific projects. We believe that your participation in the indicated projects (not connected with any burdensome circumstances) will make a contribution into the development of the progressive scientific cooperation. Such cooperation would provide participants of our international projects with valuable information. For you it may act as the additional instrument of development of your professional image and scientific communications. We are truly grateful for your attention, readiness to the constructive dialogue and effective cooperation!

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