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Greg Austic

  • Research Coordinator
  • Research Coordinator
  • Piedmont Biofuels
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Professional experience

Research Coordinator

Piedmont Biofuels

May 2008 - Present



Cornell University

September 1999 - May 2003(4 years)


I was raised on a farm near Ithaca, NY. I Studied economics in college and went on to the Peace Corps in Moldova for 2 years, where I worked with small farmers to improve market access and improve access to irrigation. I became disenchanted with the public sector and aid work, so I went back to find meaningful private sector work. I found Piedmont Biofuels and started as an intern, then went on to be a fuel maker at the production facility, build the oil collection business, and help found the Research and Analytics department. Currently I'm focused on biodiesel sustainability by improving process technology to allow easier use of low quality feedstocks which do not compete for food or have significant negative land use changes. I'm also very interested in open source information, and would like to create more avenues for scientific discovery to occur in an open source format. Industry provides a great engine for discovery, as does academia, but both can hinder open access to information. New, creative incentive systems should be found to bring us to a future in which scientific advancement can involve more people and more faster with a broader reach.


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