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Hanny Fitriani Yusuf

  • Indonesia University of Education


    Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia

    Research interests

    BioremediationNanobiotechnologyBiofuelEnergyCyanobacteriaMicroalgaeMicrobialDrug DeliveryPharmacyOrganic ChemistryMolecular TechniqueNanoscienceNanomaterialBiological Chemistry


    Hi, I am student of chemistry department bachelor degree in Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia from Bandung, Indonesia. Then, I am a junior researcher for bioremediation heavy metal using local Microbial such as bacteria and microalgae. I am currently working on isolation and purification of natural product compound, analyze and interpretation data of some instrument such as UV-VIS, FTIR, GC, AAS and HPLC. I was really interested with any biological chemistry research trend such drug delivery, toxicity, nanobiotechnology for pharmacy and energy, and bioremediation and bioenergy based on Microbial. I am very welcome with any discussion related with my research do and my research interest, Thank You .