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Hao Le

  • Japanese QA & Localization Engineer
  • VMware
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♫ (rah)²(ah)³ + [roma (1 + ma)] + (ga)²(oh)(la)² Born in Saigon, moved to Norcross, GA, when I was 2. Things I enjoy doing: spending $282 on the 2003 SF International Film Festival to view 14 films and attend 3 parties, spending $45 for the omakase lunch at Nobu Manhattan, spending 45£ for the omakase lunch at Nobu London, being treated to a $75 prix fixe dinner at Kappa in SF for using my Japanese skills to get us in the door, whiling away the afternoon at the SF Photo Exhibition, enjoying premium $11 Pu-Erh tea at Samovar Tea Lounge at 18th and Sanchez (, test driving cars at the Chrysler Art of Driving event at Treasure Island, taking advantage of the W Hotel Weekenders so that I can "take home an A|X Armani Exchange Weekender bag with an A|X gift card inside," enjoying the weeklong GQ Lounge parties in LA and SF, going to movie sneak preview screenings, reading li-fi (literary fiction), attending parties at the Asian Art Museum, going to booksignings, eating out, hanging out with friends, trying to be a bon vivant, being an extra in The Matrix Reloaded, watching Nigella Lawson (and meeting her) and all of the above when I am not flat-broke. :) Who I Want to Meet: charming, good with people and handles stressful situations with grace. Filled with a friendly, positive energy and secretly might wonder why they are not famous yet. Doesn't get annoyed with people very easily, and can handle stressful situations with grace. My Ideal Partner Personal Characteristics Highly emotionally intelligent Has a positive self-concept Somewhat relaxed about rules and doing the “right�? thing Highly dependable person Somewhat concerned with being neat and organized Has a tendency to stick to a daily routine but is flexible Handles stress with ease Strikes a balance between being dominant and encouraging equal input Attitudes and Beliefs Optimistic Somewhat spontaneous and fairly open to new experiences Flexible and open character Thinks that money is of some importance in life Spends wisely Has authoritative parenting style - involves setting limits as well as providing affection and support Communication and Conflict Able to communicate effectively Needs a great deal of emotional intimacy Skilled at dealing with conflict Social Life Has characteristics of both an introvert and an extrovert Possesses good social skills Places moderate importance on relationships with family and friends Relationship Skills and Attitudes Shares a great deal about his/her life and emotions; is tolerant and patient Needs a lot of emotional intimacy Somewhat tolerant individual Moderately self-sacrificing Ready to be in a committed relationship Sexually adventurous and open-minded Faithful when in a relationship Willing to discuss his/her feelings Has independent and dependent traits when in a relationship Moderate need for control Emotionally steady; tolerant of occasional mood swings Has good control of anger

Professional experience

Japanese QA & Localization Engineer


April 2006 - Present

Software QA Engineer


August 2005 - March 2006(7 months)

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