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Hunter Schumaker

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  • Wen Ping Chen


    Hunter Schumaker - Santa Fe Entrepreneur and Writer An inspector with Santa Fe Environmental, Hunter Schumaker also serves as the president of Schumaker #1 Corporation, a company that trains building sub-contractors about the issue of storm water runoff prevention. In his role as president, he oversees the company’s financial matters. At Santa Fe Environmental, Hunter Schumaker also applies his expertise to Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans as mandated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Hunter Schumaker graduated from The Academy for Technology and the Classics, a charter high school in Santa Fe. He has begun studies at The University of New Mexico. Outside of work, Mr. Schumaker pursues very diverse interests. He is an avid airsoft player and is skilled in the technical aspect of equipment modification and maintenance. He enjoys other sports as well, including target shooting, tennis, paintball, racquetball, and fencing. Hunter Schumaker reads books from several genres, counting Faust, Harry Potter, The Great Gatsby, and Spice and Wolf among his favorites. Another passion is his Ford Crown Victoria, which receives a great deal of attention in the garage. Finally, he is a dedicated writer, focusing his work on adventure, romance, flash fiction, and short fiction.

    Professional experience

    Double Dragon II -

    Wen Ping Chen

    July 2013 - Present

    Sales Associate

    Santa Fe Environmental

    August 2009 - Present


    Business Future

    University of New Mexico

    August 2011 - May 2014(3 years)

    High School Diploma

    Academy for the Technologies and the Classics

    July 2006 - August 2011(5 years)