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Iranian South Medical Journal (ISMJ)

  • Bushehr University of Medical Sciences
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The publication date of the first issue of Iran South Med J goes back to year of 1977. Scope of this journal deals in different branches of medical sciences- fields of basic and clinical sciences and health- particularly in the south of Iran and also north of the Persian Gulf and Oman Sea. Editorial board of the journal specializing in all areas of basic and clinical medical sciences from around the world. Our readers, including all branches of the medical and paramedical colleagues around the world. Monthly about 40 manuscripts sent to the journal and after defined process, proper accepted ones take place in the print queue. The journal publishes Original, Review, Case Report, Book Review, letter to Editor, Response, and Short Communication articles mainly on prevalent disease especially in the Persian Gulf and Oman Sea Region and the analysis of various regional problems. All is aimed to create an atmosphere to exchange successful and valuable experiences in education of medical sciences. Iran South Med J publishes bimonthly in Farsi but abstracts indexed to both Persian and English.

Recent publications

  • The Application of Corals in Bone Tissue Engineering

    • Iraj Nabipour *
  • The Effect of Crude Extract of Turbo coronatus from the Persian Gulf on Serum Biochemical Parameters and Hematiological Parameters of Rats

    • Amir Vazirizadeh *, Gholamhossean Mohebbi I

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