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Jamie L. Vernon

  • Ph.D.
  • CRTA Research Fellow
  • National Cancer Institute
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Research interests

Science Communication and PolicyEvolution and DevelopmentImmunologyRNA BiochemistryFunctional GenomicsGenetic Engineering


Jamie is a highly-motivated and creative leader with broad skills and knowledge in molecular biology, science communication and policy. He has more than a decade of training and experience in academia performing cell and molecular biology discovery research and project management. He has developed gene-targeting systems using ribozymes and adeno-associated virus. He is currently studying the immunological mechanisms involved in vaccine-elicited protection against HIV infection. He is co-author of a gene-targeting technology patent and he is an award-winning science educator. Jamie is deeply involved in science policy and science communication. He has three years of freelance and volunteer experience in state and national science policy efforts. He is NSF-trained to communicate science to the public. He is creator of multiple organizations focused on science policy and public engagement for science, including Austin-based "Science in the Pub." He is also author of a popular science blog. In 2010, he served as a Science Policy Fellow with Scientists and Engineers for America. As a policy Fellow, Jamie sought to motivate the scientific community to become more engaged in the policy process. During his Fellowship, he co-led a focus group of policy interns on science communication. He also organized educational and networking opportunities with major policy players in Washington, D.C.

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Publications (5)

  • Toward Group II Intron-Based Gene Targeting in Eukaryotic Cells

    • Jamie L. Vernon
  • Group II Intron-Based Gene Targeting Reactions in Eukaryotes

    • Mastroianni M
    • Watanabe K
    • White T
  • Characterization of Two Duplicate HoxA2 Genes in Morone Saxatilis. Identification of Cis-Regulatory Elements by Comparative Sequence Analysis.

    • Jamie L. Vernon
  • Gene Targeting in Eukaryotic Cells by Group II Intron Ribonucleoprotein Particles

    • Jamie Vernon X
  • Assignment of the mitochondrial translation elongation factor Ts gene (TSFM) to human chromosome 12 bands q13-->q14 by in situ hybridization and with somatic cell hybrids.

    • Vernon JL B

Professional experience

CRTA Research Fellow

National Cancer Institute

January 2011 - Present

Education history

Ph.D. in Cell and Molecular Biology

The University of Texas at Austin

August 2002 - December 2009(7 years)

M.S. in Biotechnology/Molecular Biology

East Carolina University

August 1999 - May 2002(3 years)

B.S. in Zoology

North Carolina State University

August 1992 - May 1997(5 years)