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Jamie Thomson

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Drexel Univeristy

September 2006 - Present


I'm a coffee/tea addict, wannabe-hippie, scifi geek, pragmatic idealist. I'm fascinated by urban greenspace, clouds, trains, windmills and solar power, viral marketing, Twitter, and dilapidated buildings. Someday I want to fly little planes for fun...or hang glide because that would be cheaper and require less gasoline. Puns always make me chuckle, especially the really bad ones. I love knee socks in the winter, flip-flops in the summer, and biking all year round :) I'm in my fifth of five years at Drexel University, in the BS Information Systems/MS Library & Info Science program. Most of my free time is eaten up by doing random tasks for The Triangle. Thanks to all the doors, can openers, websites that have ever behaved in a way I didn't expect, I developed a passion for user experience/interaction design/information architecture/HCI. I love living in the information age.


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