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Jaron White

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    Give me a scythe Master! PLEASE! After You, its all I care about! Ps[37:4] 2Cor[12:9] Is[40:31] Jer [3:19] Rev [21:4] CHEREM My name's Jaron; I'm 21, , I am a philosopher, a lover and an afficionado. These three nouns are the basis of how I view myself. I appreciate life from seeing the big picture and not just the sum of the parts. I'm obsessed with the beauty of human thought and conciousness. I have a heart that beats for finding passion in romance as well as in the friendship of other people. Lastly I am an appreciator of the beauty of the natural world around me as perceived by my senses. Everything from the sight of a majestic ocean sunset to the smell of the perfect combination of aromatic fragrances. God is the one who unites and upholds each of these three parts of my existence. He shows me everyday through these three areas why I can love him and why he can be everything to me. If there is no God then all the beauty that surrounds us is just one big war to survive till tomorrow. Natural selection isn't beautiful, its disgusting. Think of all the pain that has to be flushed away before the new product can emerge, the previously dominant becoming worthless. Where is your value if tomorrow you will be flushed away too? God loves each one of us and died so that we may become valuable. Christianity's beauty is in its opposition to biology and to the thinking of the natural world. How can a cancer save itself? It can't and in fact, it doesn't even see itself as a problem until it can no longer progress. Humanity is the same way. We can't save ourselves or define our own meaning. Only the supernatural can do that. Only perfection can do that. Only Jesus Christ can do that.

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