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Javier Sáez Esteban

  • Environmental Science
  • Manchester Metropolitan University
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Research interests

Human interference in climate change


Starting my studies in Environmental Science, in the ManchesterMetropolitan University, I'm currently working in a Meteorology practical for the Earth Systems unit. Basically, a country of the Northen hemisphere has to be chosen , in my case, I selected Russia, I think It has a wide range of aspects to study and its extreme conditions in the most part of its area, It makes the research even more interesting. Now I need to take the meteorological data of the station I want, ten continuous years, doing averages of the temperatures, dew points, wind speed, etc of different seasons in the differents years, create graphics, tables and finally provide a general view of how the average Summer temperatures has changed over the ten years I focused on. Also, the percentage between the first and the last year has to be given. It´s going to be a good opportunity for me to integrate more in the Meteorology field as I did not have the chance to do it before, moreover, It´s going to be useful for me as a support, as It has a lot of things in relation to the topics I must study.

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Manchester Metropolitan University