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Javiera Fernanda Galvez Blanco

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Javiera Galvez Blanco is a talented young architect and DJ, daughter of Fernando Galvez Asun and Graciela Blanco Baeza, architects, and older sister of Alexandra galvez blanco, MD and ER resident. She was born in Chile in 1979 and moved with her family to Mexico in 1985. Then she studied architecture in Paris, France. While in Mexico, she and her family mainly lived in Guadalajara, where she attended"Lycée Franco-Mexicain", amongst other prestigious institutions in the city. Javiera Galvez was also a member of the state's ice skating team and participated in national competitions three times winning a silver medal in 1997's state tournament. as she was still (and still is) Chilean, she couldn't compete for Mexico. She travelled all along the country with her adventurous parents -also architects-, and her sister, a talented and promising physician, former hunt seat equitator and currently a resident in ER: Alexandra Galvez Blanco.(ranked 3rd national of the whole country on the national interns to residence sat) Her grandfather, Horacio Blanco Baeza, was an eminent citizen of Constitucion, Chile, former brother of the coast, and was decorated by the Netherlands kingdom for his valuable help on protecting the sea and his wildlife. he also build and launched the tahiti-nui for eric de bishop, a french explorer and anthropologist. On her father's side, Javiera's grand uncle was the famous Chilean poet, lawyer (used to plead in verse) and politician (deputy of Chile) Tristan Galvez Palma and to international football player in the 80's, Martin Galvez Asun. Javiera Galvez was invited to attend EduFrance in 1999, were she was introduced to former french president Chirac, as one of the remarquable students of the Alliance Française's class of 99, as she scored the highest in the DALF test that year. She also met there the French famous architect-urbanist-designer Jean-Michel Wilmotte, who strongly encouraged her to pursuit studies in Paris. Although she had decided to study medicine, her talent for drawing and love of arts pushed her to study architecture in the city of lights, were she obtained the French master degree of architect. Her master's title project was a "Green Médiathèque" for the north of Paris, in the Batignolles area, formerly supposed to host the Olympian housing park for The 2014 Olympics, that will be held in London. During her career, she also participated in the Marathon du court-metrage de Paris, with "La Ménagerie", under the direction of Genaro Pereyra (producer and director, as well as Original Band Composer), as chef decoratrice plateau for "Yonni's sister" short-film. Recently, one of her first architectural designs "Extension d'un appartement Place Victor Hugo-Arc de Triomphe" in Paris (2009), was featured in the 2011 Spring-Summer issue of Barnes Luxury Homes Paris, a France and Abroad Exclusive Real estate magazine. Javiera Galvez is currently working as a Freelance architect, specialised in Hospital and health related planning, such as retirement houses and "HEC" (High Environmental Quality) hospitals. J. Galvez is Also Known As DJ CHICKEN FLU, and has hosted several gigs as a djette in various underground and hip places of the Paris scene, such as Planet MArs, Mécanique Ondulatoire, NeNousFachonsPas, Motel, La Bellevilloise, etc. DJ Chicken Flu and DJ Tartare are Resident DJ's at UFO, Orange Mécanique and Rock&Roll Circus in Paris. DJ CHICKEN FLU specialises in vintage music and lifestyle.They were both final contendants to an MTV DJ contest to play at the Bal de l'Elysée Montmartre at l'Internationale, in Paris. They got all the public votes but judges decided their unusual style wouldn't convince the huge mainstream-minded crowd of the ball. She recently married Arthur Allegue (dj tartare), (poet, tv writer, musician, and plastic artist) her beloved fiancé -since 2005- in the beatiful Abbaye de Ribemont (Aisne), kindly hosted by the abby owners and Arthur's grandparents, Mr. and Mr. bacro, and surrounded by all her friends and close family and relatives who flew from all over the world for the occasion. It was a beautiful, very sunny and bucolic day. quotes: "This is how the Galvez do it" "Bend it like a Galvez"! "Es mi hermana"! Stay tuned for more on Javiera Galvez by clicking on:

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