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Jb Garciano

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    My full name is Jessa Beth Garciano y Espina. -I am a believer of God. A follower of Jesus. Christian in heart&inmind. I am filled with His love and grace. So Blessed to have Him as my light and my guide. I construct my life according to his plan. He gave me freedom. But I will not depart from Him even if I had given a chance. I may have failed many times in my life but this not change my worth in God's eye. Jesus is my price tag. And I know my worth. I am created with meaning and purpose. --Religion is not an issue with me. Muslims,Christians, Hindu, Buddhists, etc. does not matter with me, as long as we respect and understand each other differences. Religion is like a language or a dress. Which represents how we were raised. My God, your God, its still the same. We gravitate towards our practices by how we believe and how much faith we have. In the end, we are proclaiming the same thing, that life has meaning,searching for the truth that is greater than ourselves. -Kausapin nyo nalang ako. Haha!

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