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Jean Mangin

  • lab head
  • Neurospin/CEA
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Recent publications

  • Post-mortem inference of the human hippocampal connectivity and microstructure using ultra-high field diffusion MRI at 11.7 T

    • Beaujoin J
    • Palomero-Gallagher N
    • Boumezbeur F
    • et al.
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  • Influences of Brain Size, Sex, and Sex Chromosome Complement on the Architecture of Human Cortical Folding

    • Fish A
    • Cachia A
    • Fischer C
    • et al.
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Professional experience

lab head


January 2007 - Present



Institut Telecom - Telecom ParisTech

Research interests


Since 2007, I am leading the LNAO. the laboratoty for computer assisted neuroimaging of Neurospin, a high field MR center in the suburb of Paris. Prior to that, I was in the Service Hospitalier Frédéric Joliot, CEA, Orsay, France, as a PhD student (1992-1995), research scientist (1996-1999), group leader (2000-2006). In 2001, I enjoyed a sabbatical year in the Montreal Neurological Institute of McGill University. I received the engineer degree from Ecole Centrale Paris in 1989, the M.Sc. degree in numerical analysis from Paris VI University in 1989, the PhD degree in signal and image processing from Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Télécommunications of Paris in 1995, and the "Habilitation à diriger des recherches" from Paris XI university in 2005. A few papers introducing some of my research programs: J. Régis et al. Sulcal root generic model: a hypothesis to overcome the variability of the human cortex folding patterns. Neurol Med Chir, 45:1-17, 2005 J.-F. Mangin et al. A framework to study the cortical folding patterns. Neuroimage, 23:S129-S138, 2004 J.-F. Mangin et al. Object-based morphometry of the cerebral cortex. IEEE Trans. Med. Imag., 23(8):968-982, 2004 J.-F. Mangin et al. Coordinate-based versus structural approaches to brain image analysis. Artificial Intelligence in Medicine, 30:177-197, 2004 J.-F. Mangin et al. A framework based on spin glass models for the inference of anatomical connectivity from diffusion-weighted MR data. NMR in Biomedicine, 15:481-492, 2002

Co-authors (1239)

  • Narly Golestani
  • Philippe CIUCIU
  • Alexis Roche
  • Olivier Coulon

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