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Jenny Ngo


      「做好事、說好話、存好心」 INFJ Simplicity is beauty. My phone seldom has signal, it would be advised to text instead. 我係美國出生長大的! 我地係廣西人。 How I view life at times, Life puts you through difficult challenges because it believes you can defeat it and come out even stronger. Even when defeat is inevitable, I want to give it my all and go down fighting know that I did my best instead of giving up before I even try. So I will continue to test my own limits and push my inner strength as far as I can. I'm a person of high ambition and want to work as hard as possible to give it my best effort. We all have darkness and light within ourselves. I want to embrace both sides and create harmony within.. Inspiration, passion, meaning are three important words. Especially when it comes to art and executing creativity. Warning, please don't be fool by my exterior. I am quite independent and not too used to being smothered by others. Please don't smother me, or force me to be in crowds. :) I do enjoy time with myself. Thanks for the consideration. I do care deeply about those closet to me and will go out of my way for their well being. They are apart of my life and me.