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Jill Pankey


      Jill Pankey grew up in Del Rios, Texas, on the border that demarcates the state from Mexico. During her formative years, she gained an appreciation for the varied sights and colors of Texas, which influenced her painting. When the time came to achieve higher education, Jill Pankey dedicated herself to growing as an artist. She earned her BA from Southwest Texas State University, finishing at Texas A&M Corpus Christi. Years later, Jill Pankey returned to Texas A&M-CC and enrolled in the Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies program. She focused on art and kinesiology, with an interest in public administration. From 2000 until 2002, she pursued her Master of Fine Arts at the University of Texas- San Antonio. She cites the program as instrumental in helping her elevate her art and painting skills. Jill Pankey expresses a range of emotions and interests through her artwork. Beginning as a graphic artist in Corpus Christi, she signed up for fitness courses and took notice of how other women of all ages shared body image insecurities. Inspired by women, she composed Babes on the Beach, a series of tongue-in-cheek paintings and drawings celebrating the range of female body types. Disorderly Conduct, another series, is also a celebration of all women, aging, and body image.

      Professional experience

      Full-Time/ Senior Lecturer

      School of Art & Design, Texas State University

      January 2002 - January 2013(11 years)



      University of Texas at San Antonio

      January 2000 - January 2002(2 years)