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Joana Robalo

  • PhD
  • Assistant Professor
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Research interests

Aquatic OrganismsEvolutionPhylogeographyPhylogenyBiogeography


I began my research career studying the behavior and genetics of endemic freshwater fishes of Portugal, but through the years I have been gradually expanding my interests to marine organisms. My main research interests are phylogeny, phylogeography and biogeography of marine and freshwater fishes. In what concerns endemic freshwater fishes I have also a strong interest in conservation, mainly through population monitoring, ex-situ reproduction of endangered species and river restoration.

Followers (16)

  • Ana Coelho

    Ana CoelhoUniversity Institute of Psychological Social and Life Sciences

  • Ana Crespo

    Ana Crespo

  • Cristina Lima

    Cristina Lima

  • Jorge Sinval

    Jorge SinvalCenter for Psychology at University of Porto

  • Pedro Figueiredo

    Pedro FigueiredoUniversity Institute of Psychological Social and Life Sciences

  • Joana Reis

    Joana Reis

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Publications (5)

  • Evolutionary history and population genetics of a cyprinid fish (Iberochondrostoma olisiponensis) endangered by introgression from a more abundant relative

    • Sousa-Santos C
    • Gante H
    • Robalo J
    • et al.
  • Climate Change and Genetic Structure of Leading Edge and Rear End Populations in a Northwards Shifting Marine Fish Species, the Corkwing Wrasse (Symphodus melops)

    • Knutsen H
    • Jorde P
    • Gonzalez E
    • et al.
  • A rapid and inexpensive molecular technique to discriminate the north-eastern Atlantic and Mediterranean Atherina species and its potential applications in ecology and larval identification

    • Carvalho Almada V
    • Martins Francisco S
    • Rosa I
    • et al.
  • Larval development of Gobius xanthocephalus with genetic validation of larval identification

    • Monteiro J
    • Borges R
    • Robalo J
    • et al.
  • Reclassification of Lepadogaster candollei based on molecular and meristic evidence with a redefinition of the genus Lepadogaster

    • Almada F
    • Henriques M
    • Levy A
    • et al.

Professional experience

Assistant Professor


July 2008 - Present