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Joanna Kolasinski

  • PhD
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Recent publications

  • AChE and EROD activities in two echinoderms, Holothuria leucospilota and Holoturia atra (Holothuroidea), in a coral reef (Reunion Island, South-western Indian Ocean)

    • Joanna Kolasinski
    • Dorothée Taddei
    • Pascale Cuet
    • et al.
  • Effects of acidification on carbon and nitrogen stable isotopes of benthic macrofauna from a tropical coral reef

    • Joanna Kolasinski
    • Karyne Rogers
    • Patrick Frouin

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    Anne ChauvinLaboratoire d'Ecologie Marine, Université de la Réunion

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    David RinglerLaboratoire d'Ecologie Marine, Université de la Réunion