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João Raimundo

  • Master's degree student - ICT and Education
  • Citizenship trainer
  • "New Opportunities Center" of Cacilhas
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Professional experience

Citizenship trainer

"New Opportunities Center" of Cacilhas

September 2007 - Present

Research interests


Essentially, I'm a professional of Education and Training! Geography teacher since 1988, as time goes by I dedicated myself entirely to educational technologies ... In 1998 I coordinated a project Nónio (ICT) in the school where I belonged, and between 2000 and 2007 have incorporated the team of Proformar - Training and Competence Center where I dedicated myself to the development of educational projects with ICT. Active participation in several European projects, Comenius and Grundtvig, was an extremely important experience that allowed me to deconstruct many stereotypes and realize the potential that exists in our schools. It was also at the Proformar Center that I established the first contact with the Education and Adult Training and I participated in the creation of the first Almada’s "New Opportunities Center" whose purpose is the qualification and certification of the adult population who hasn’t completed secondary education, by recognizing / valuing all forms of learning including formal, non-formal and informal learning. Currently, I work in the CNO-Cacilhas ("New Opportunities Center" of Cacilhas) as Citizenship Trainer and also am a Citizenship Trainer in a local development association (Torrão, Alentejo).

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