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Joceline Rao


      Hey pple.. wat can i say bout myself..very tough quest ;) well..m young,sophisticated n sweet.. i love my life & everythin in it.. as i grow up,i realize things change n so do i..its tough to go tru it myself but m thankful & lucky to hv my "special sum1" :) bsides tat i love almost everythin a gurl loves...shoppin,hanging out wit my frens,movies n so on.. i love takin pics regardless of whether its me o others..but i enjoy keepin d moments.. m not a heavy makeup user but a simple touch of eyeliner n lipgloss will do...m simple n i love bein tat way i dun wish to b like others cz m different..My smile and beauty is my essence! But i need to work on d intelligence though! LOL :) M still smart in my own ways and YOU cud nvr be ME! i hv a thing 4 music & fashion n i hope to indulge in it sumday... my hopes & dreams is mine to keep n fulfill!! ;) i pray n hope 4 a world of peace! *huggs&kisses*