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Jodie Hornsey

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"Soul Meets Soul On Lover's Lips." - Percy Bysshe Shelley In Omne Tempus Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♥●•٠ Makeup Artist. Beauty Ambassador. Therapist. Fashion Blogger. Writer. Mother. Student. (Studying 'Bachelor Of Health Science' (Nutritional Medicine) ) "Only Nature Heals, Providing It Is Given The Opportunity To Do So, Let Food Be Your Medicine And Let Medicine Be Your Food." Personality/Star Sign: Pisces - Artistic. Creative. Intuitive. Makeup Style: Radiant. Timeless. Natural Beauty. Personal Style: Fashionable. Feminine. Idol: Marilyn Monroe. Music: Indie. House. TripleJ. (Receptive Of Energy. Emotion By Proximity. Music Matches Mood.) Loves: Fashion. Photography. Poetry. Writing. Nutrition. Excercise. Art. Sewing. History. Research. It's Difficult To Believe In Yourself Because The Idea Of Self Is An Artificial Construction. You Are, In Fact, Part Of The Glorious Oneness Of The Universe. Everything Beautiful In The World Is Within You. No-one Really Feels Self-confident Deep Down. It's An Artificial Idea. People Aren't That Worried About What You're Doing. What You're Saying. Drift Around The World Relatively Anonymously: You Must Not Feel Persecuted. Examined. Liberate Yourself From That Idea That People Are Watching You. Good Vibrations. Illustrious Innate Knowledge. Change Is The Constant. The Signal Of Rebirth. The Egg Of The Pheonix. The Essence Of Existence. The Premise Of Our Philosophy. 'Kept In Thy Soul... Comfort Tis Discovered On Difficult Days For Ye Coloured Rainbow Will Follow Ye Clouds Laughter Kisses Thy Red Lips Thy Smile Glistens When Sadness Intrudes Tis Bright Sunsets That Warm Hearts Hugs Lighten Thou Dreamy Spirits Beauty Is For Thy Glammoured Eyes To See Friendship Sparkles Thy Self Faith Makes Ye Darling Believe Ye Confidence Dances With Doubt Courage Sings To Know Thy Truest Self Patience Prances To Accept Ye Pure Truth But Thou Must Know That LOVE Will Always Complete Thy Magical Life...' - Jodie Ann Hornsey. Beautiful Dreamer. I Float On A Golden Cloud That Hovers Six Inches Above Planet Earth. Nothing ( No Matter How Loud Or Unpleasant) Ever Seems To Bring Me Down For Long. My Life Is Spent In an Ivory Tower, Wearing Rose Tinted Spectacles And Counting Unhatched Chickens. You May Think Its Make Believe But Fortunately For Me, The Tower IS Ivory, The Sky IS Pink And The Eggs WILL Hatch... Aslong As I Keep Believing It All.

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Clinique IT Girl 2011

November 2010 - Present

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June 2007 - Present

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July 2002 - Present

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